Summer’s Cultural Solstice

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Summer Solstice & Cultural Diversity

The summer solstice happens annually between June 20 and June 22 in the northern hemisphere. Our summer solstice is soon to occur, Monday, June 20. My colleague and dear friend, Sasha, will be hosting his first annual Summer Cultural Solstice Event. His goal is to bridge the significance of the Summer Solstice, which is the day with the longest period of “light”, and the significance of cultural diversity.

It will be a gathering of humans. Humans from all backgrounds, races, and ethnic upbringings.  The only requirement is that you come in peace and you come to meet and enjoy new people and food.

I have assisted him with some fundraising, and we have has some very generous people donations. gathering. We are so very fortunate for Take One Event Rentals, a party supply and production company. They are donating all the tents, table, chairs, a small stage, and necessary items to put on this Solstice Celebration.  We contacted them about a discount and they offered their equipment and services, at no charge. We are so very grateful their generosity.

There will be food, music, dance from a variety of cultures, and a yoga lawn. On the yoga lawn, 108 sun salutations will be performed by those that wish to participate in honor of the solstice and in honor of each diverse individual. The power of the event will be created by each person. The power of the event will be the sum of all people to create the larger, more powerful whole. It will be felt, be experienced. The intention is to develop awareness

Solstice & Diversity Defined-Together

Summer Solstice

It is the time of year when the bright rays of the sun shine the longest. The sun finds it’s highest geographical point on the day of the solstice. In the north or the Northern Hemisphere, this happens in June, between the 20-22 and in the south, or Southern Hemisphere, this happens in December, between the 20-22. It is considered the first day of summer from an astronomical point.  It is celebrated by many cultures around the world.

Being that happens to the planet that we all inhibit and that it brings the most amount of light on that given day, Sasha decided that a large gathering to show honor to the earth and the ones it houses during the point “the greatest light” would assist in spreading light and respect for something larger and far more powerful than negativity and hatred. Love and Respect.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity is very important in from my point of view Although it has spawned power issues and war, I would like to focus on the the positive power of what it is. It adds mix, innovation, thought reaching outward, rather than isolated in it’s homogenous nature.  It spawns creativity. When we come to respect others and where they come from geographically and in thought, we open the door for creativity. There is dark in every day, every race, and can be interpreted from every side of the coin. What this means is that understanding this comes in many forms and understanding and respecting others, allows for growth. It allows for growth of the light shed on where the focus is.

The summer gathering is to encourage people from all backgrounds to gather together. To share their stories, taste their foods and others, laugh, dance, and be present together during the earth’s creation of extended light. We all, not matter color, culture, or ethnicity, share earth. Rather than focus on the dark, we celebrate the the light!

If you would like more details, please contact me for them.  I will give you the location and details. Please come in peace and with respect for all. Bring your friends, as long as they come in the same manner.

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