Exploring the Greek Culture

Greek Ethnicity

Let’s explore ethnic cultures. We take a look at their culture and history to give insight on other cultures. Ethnicity is believed by certain theorists that it can shape many things, including interaction, learning and social engagement.  Although this is not the topic of todays article, I wanted to make a note of it.

Culture Name is Greek, other names associated may be Hellenic or Romeic. The word Greek refers not onlt to the country but Ethnic group too.  Greeks have a strong shared sense of ethnic identity. Ancient Greeks were strongly religious and most of their traditions and customs celebrated today are still based around religion.  98% of Greek People are Christian Orthodox, which forms the 3rd biggest branch of Christianity. The Greek Orthodox church can be found all over in Greece and those areas that of Greek culture. Their religion played a strong role in their historical past in keep the Greek ethnicity and culture alive and thriving. Therefore religion plays a large part today and the majority of holidays are religious in their presence.  Church and state are separated, but it is not written and the church has a great role in everday society.

The Greek language offers a strong cultural and a strong element to the Greek culture.  Greeks are strong and prideful people that embrace their traditions and ethnicity.  They are proud of their culture, architecture, history, literature, philosophy and the such. They are actually more ethnically proud than any other nation in Europe.

I have has the fortune to know many Greek people from Greece and the Island of Cyprus. They are proud and prideful and some of the most devout friends and people. We would celebrate with food, friends, happiness, and passion.  They are very close with their families and have much respect for them. Families are their immediate families and then extended family through marriage and such.

Food plays a big role in their culture and traditions. Greek food is famous around the world for it’s simple and healthy flavors.

Greek music and dance are also a big part of their culture and tradition and  are still practiced and incorporated into festivals and celebrations.

Greeks are brilliant minded, loving people that love and respect true friendships, good food, and family.


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