Beautiful Differences

As a white American growing up in the United States I have experienced a lot of privileges, and a lot of luxuries some of my colored brothers and sisters have not. During the course of my life, and in particular my current college experience, I have seen and heard a lot of things I wish I could forget. However, the knowledge of what I have seen and heard has strongly shaped my view of the world, and most importantly my stance. I see the world as one big whole, comprised of many intricate parts. Similarly to ecosystems, our our society is comprised of many different parts, different genders, ethnicities and cultures. They are all part of the same thing, but as individual parts that can appear and act very differently. What’s the same about every part however, is how important they are to the whole. I think in our society we sometimes forget the importance of each individual part, and have the tendency to cast more importance on some people more than others. This can pertain to gender, economic class, education, but what I want to primarily focus on here is the emphasis some put on ethnicity. Though it is very noticeable, I believe we need stop noticing it, and pointing fingers at it, and rather simply embrace it. I want this space to be a culmination of my personal experiences, and findings, and the experience and findings of others. I tend to study this topic, and ponder this topic quite frequently, and through my studies, recreationally take classes the cover this topic. I too notice all the different ethnicities, but I notice them for all of their beauty and the brilliance that they bring to the the human race. After all, the human race is not one ethnicity, it is a culmination of ethnicities that create one beautifully eclectic species. Love yourself, and love others!

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