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In the past few weeks I have learned a lot about the multiracial community as a whole, and a lot about its components parts. In my classes we have discussed the ways in which the multiracial community sees themselves, as well as the way others view them. We have also looked into where they have come from socially, and where they are heading. It has been a sad story on some accounts, but also an inspiring and powerful one on others. We as people of this generation are watching history unfold right beneath our very eyes, as the multiracial community struggles, but ultimately prospers in the 20th century.

Over the past few weeks I have been introduced to some facts that have been surprising to myself, as well as as to the rest of my class. The first one being that racial intermarriage has increased from less than 1% in 1970 to more than 5% of couples in 2000. This fact seemed astonishing, for it had increased by 4% in such a short period of time. This excites me, for we constantly hear about the rapid growth of technology in our society, and its good to see that socially we are progressing at a rapid pace as well. I would imagine that we would see a similar, if not larger growth in the years to come, as society becomes more open-minded and accepting to differences between one-another. Another interesting fact that was presented to me recently was that younger and better-educated individuals are more likely to intermarry. This should not come as a surprise, for with education comes the reality that intermarriage is not wrong or scary, like previously believed by most. History has shown us that through education we lose our close-minded and ignorant beliefs about social norms, and what is right and wrong. We as humans are creatures of habit, and we become stuck in our ways. Yet I believe our youth is trying to break this mold, and is constantly adapting to new beliefs, concepts, and views about our ever-growing world. We are slowly but surely losing our fear of differences, and seeing race in a whole new light.

Another point that I wanted to share was the theory of Asian Americans in our society. For they have apparently become the model minority here in America, they have been described by some as smart, good-looking, and people of good character. None of which I believe to be wrong, but I do not think they are the sole race to posses these characteristics. Though I do believe that this view spawns from the historical Asian culture, for they do seem to be more reserved and hard working then most, from years of conditioning. But this stereotype is no different than any other, it bares no fact and is merely an opinion based on observation.

As time passes, we will witness many new facts and stereotypes about multiracial individuals in America. We will read new statistics on who they marry, how the dress, and the manner in which they act. Statistics will tell us the cars they drive and the income level of their average household. We may never run out of things to asses and analyze about multiracial individuals, that is until it we lose interest in them. For I believe one day subtle physical differences will no longer intrigue us, as they do today. But until then, facts and opinions like these will be thrown at us, and it is up to us to take them with a grain of salt.

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